Cafe's Star Product - Kryolan Translucent Powder TL4 Review and Swatches

July 20, 2012

The Cafe's Star Product series will feature star-worthy products, currently shining in the Indian Beauty Cafe.  And, to kick-start this series, I bring to you the Kryolan Translucent Powder...

I have been hearing a lot about this brand, Kryolan, these past few months. I wanted to try atleast one of their products and this is how I bought the Translucent Powder. To be frank, I didn't have much expectations from this product. I am a very accident-prone person, and things just seem to fall off my hands all the time. I prefer powder compacts as they are easier to handle and apply. On the rare occasions when I have actually purchased a loose powder (such as the Lakme rose powder), all it does is sit idle in my dresser.

Well, that was in the past! The Kryolan Translucent Powder came, saw, and conquered!

In one word, this product is M-A-G-I-C!!! Let me tell you why...
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Product Description

As per the Kryolan website, this classical powder preparation is characterized by its fineness and high degree of color neutrality.The translucent powder contains a large share of modified rice starch, unique in its specification. It assures great absorption power and enhances the durability of make-up on the skin. The fine powder particles produce a comfortable, pleasant wearing feeling.



The powder is packed in a plastic tub with the infamous Kryolan mask logo (with its sinister smile  ) on the lid. On opening the lid, there is another plastic layer which has several tiny holes to help in dispensing the right amount of powder. The entire packaging is messy in application, but simple and classy in appearance.


Rs 400


Available in many shades. Mine is TL4.


20g / 0.7 oz

Shelf Life

4 years

My Experience

I have come to realize that no matter how good your foundation is, it has to be paired with an equally good powder to set it properly. Till now, I was almost satisfied with my compact powder. But, after using the Kryolan translucent powder, I can feel the difference. This is a make-up setting powder. Any foundation of mine now stays put on my face for a minimum of 4 hours if  I top it with this powder. After 4 hours, I do see a bit of shine peeping through. But on my dry skin, that shine is more of a beautiful glow. Oily skin types may need to touch up their make-up after 4 hours. But it surely has good staying power.

Unblended, Without Flash

This is a very, very finely milled high-quality powder. Therefore, it gives a smooth finish to the skin. Also, on applying, it just absorbs the oil from my face instantly. So, it has good oil-control properties. In spite of being dry-skinned, it does not dry my skin further.

Blended, Without Flash

The shade that I bought, TL4, has got yellow undertones. Being a translucent powder, I assume that the color of the product is not that important. I am dusky but it matches me perfectly and does not alter the color of my base make-up too. TL4 is a universal color and will suit all complexions equally.

Unblended, With Flash

I have the 20 gm powder tub with me, and I think it will last really long. I wish Kryolan introduced this in 10 gms as well! A little bit of powder is all you need for each time's use. Keep in mind that less is more and take out the product miserly, That way, you can avoid wastage. To do this, you need to turn the tub upside down, with the lid intact. Then just tap lightly on the back of the tub. Now turn it and you should find sufficient powder on the inside of the lid, for use.

Blended, With Flash

I apply this powder with a powder puff in a rolling movement over my face and dust off the excess with a powder brush. You can use what suits you best. Since I more than often run late, I usually get time to only roll-roll-roll!! 


  • Finely-milled, high quality powder that gives smooth finish to skin
  • Affordable
  • One small tub will last long
  • Excellent make-up setting powder
  • Very good staying power
  • Suitable for all skin types and color tones
  • Good oil-control properties


  • The packaging makes it messy for application. You need to be careful, otherwise you end up with excess product that you cannot put back into the tub.
  • Not suitable for girls on-the-go. You cannot touch up with this when in a hurry. 
  • Not travel-friendly. The powder may itself travel into the lid while travelling. You need a powder to use safely while travelling, you definitely don't need a travelling powder.

Overall Impression

If you notice, the cons are all related to its packaging. The quality, texture and performance of this powder is unbelievably good. Moreover, you can forget touch-ups for a minimum of 4 hours. This powder will stay put and also ensure your make-up stays put. It is only after that period that you need to consider the cons. All in all, a wonderful product and a must-have!!!!

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 5/5 

P.S. - This is my first product review on the blog and so, I deliberately chose to start off with this fantastic product.

Have you found your star powder product? If so, then do let me know in the comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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  1. Nice Read. Have been hearing very good reviews about this particular shade.

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    1. hi nupur...thanks for reading. yes, it does do its job really well! :)

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    1. hi toa, thanks and do let me know how you find it... will check out your blog...

  5. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    Nice review dear !! I have 2 of these in different shade :)