Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Plum Rose (254) Review and Swatches

July 26, 2012

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", said Juliet to Romeo in Shakespeare's famous play.

Chambor seems to have taken this line seriously and has decided to name any random color made by their company as "rose". Agreed that the Chambor logo is a rose engraving and some shades do look like roses; but this does not mean that they name all their shades "rose" just like Hrithik's director-dad Rajesh Roshan names all his films with a 'K'. They have named their Carnival Collection shades also with "rose". 

For once, I now feel that companies numbering their products (and not naming them) is a good thing. Wrong names can so mislead an online shopper who has not done her homework.... Be safe and do your homework, by reading this review...


Product Description

As per the company website - A chic, attractive metallic packaging with a transparent centre is now the Flowing lipstick for you. With a simple twist, the brush-tipped fluid lipstick allows for precise and easy application encompassing the creaminess of a solid lipstick. The stay-on formula perfects the hold of colour on the lips making it transfer proof and untraceable on an exterior surface. With less touch-ups, a feather-weight texture and more shades to choose from, Chambor’s ‘Flowing Lipstick Stay-on Colour’ is a must have beauty accessory packaged with elegance and poise.


It comes in a silver-colored cylindrical packaging with a transparent area in the middle where you can see the lipstick color. It also has a twistable bottom and brush applicator.


Ranges from Rs 475 to Rs 550, depending on where you buy it from.


Available in 18 shades, as seen in the company website. Mine is 'Plum Rose' (254).


4 ml

My Experience

This is a lip cream that is smooth in texture; lightweight in feel; has a really natural, matte finish with excellent color payoff. It is also transfer-proof and stays on and on, on your lips; and not on your glass and cups. It also has the goodness of shea butter plus no animal ingredients.

WithOut Flash: Left - Swiped once; Right - Swiped 2 to 3 times

The shade is 'Plum Rose' but the color is neither plummy nor looks like any rose that I have seen. However, it is a classy brown color with the tiniest hint of pink. It would be a nice natural-looking shade for dusky complexions and a beautiful brown lipstick for the fair-skinned. Wow, it has all the potential to become a blockbuster hit. But let me now elaborate on its problems...

In spite of Miss Shea Butter agreeing to star in this hit, this lipstick lacks in the moisturising department. You definitely need a lip balm underneath this and after a while, also over it, and don't forget to exfoliate as well.

The brush applicator is quite good; however the twisting mechanism is so pathetic that the poor brush hardly gets to prove itself.

"The first cut is the deepest", said Caesar, referring to Brutus (his best friend), when the latter was the first to stab him. In this case, the first twist is the cruelest. As soon as you get this home, you twist and wait for the color to show up on the brush applicator. Now, if the SA at the store likes you, then she probably would have enlightened you that it takes several twists for this to happen, the first time. What she did not tell you is that it is going to be almost the same story every time, maybe just not as many twists as the first time... 

With Flash: Left - Swiped once; Right - Swiped 2 to 3 times

This is the major con of this lipstick. I know it as I have bought it 3 times in the hope that the company must have rectified this problem, but alas, no! Also, this latest one that I have, has golden glitters. As far as i remember, my earlier 2 lipsticks definitely did not have them. Those two were also not this drying. The glitters are miniscule but look weird in a matte, dull lipstick and defy the very purpose of getting a matte color.


  • Smooth, lipcream-like texture
  • Lightweight and transfer-proof 
  • Nice, natural, matte finish (with superficial golden glitters, so is it matte or not???  )
  • Excellent color payoff
  • Contains shea butter plus no animal ingredients
  • Long lasting
  • Good brush applicator
  • Classy brown that will suit all complexions


  • Quite drying and needs a lipbalm - both, underneath and over the lipstick
  • Also lips need to be exfoliated before application
  • Pathetic twist mechanism - you need to twist and wait, twist and wait to see the color ... 

Overall Impression

If you have a good bank balance and some patience, then you can try this lipstick for its pigmentation, lasting power and natural finish. But do keep in mind the twist-and-wait procedure. If you are, by any chance, impatient and twist away to glory; you are going to end up with a lot of color, trust me. For such girls, I suggest that on the days that you carry this lipstick, do not carry your other make-up stuff. You can use the extra flowing lip-cream as blush, eye shadow, etc....

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 3.5/5

P.S. - I am so exhausted writing this review that I need to go and get some juice rightaway, so no junior talk today...

If any of you have tried both this lipstick as well as the new Lakme Absolute LipLast, then do comment and tell me which one is better...

Thank you for reading....

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  1. No junior talk :(
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