Colorbar Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick in 'Plum Dressing (09)' Review and Swatches

July 24, 2012

If I had a penny for each time that my little son speaks, then I would have had enough money to buy me all the Chanels, Nars, MACs, and Estee Lauders to last me for this lifetime.

My son, who I will be referring to as 'Junior' in my posts and blog, will turn 5 this November. Being a late speaker, he could hardly speak clearly for the first (almost) 4 years of his life! Having realized this, he decided to make up for lost time and now talks non-stop in order to cover the hours, minutes, seconds, and nanoseconds lost in those precious 4 years of his life.

Because of this, I thought of writing a small section at the end of my posts, dedicated to Junior, his talk, and sometimes, maybe, Mr. B (my husband), or my family. For those who are not interested, you can focus on just the review. 


Product Description

As per the company website - The Colorbar Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick has a special matte formula that makes it easy to apply. Sets within seconds of application and makes your lips look fuller. Its waterproof formulation makes it last for up to 8 hours. Enriched with vitamin E, the Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick is smooth, creamy and gives excellent color without drying or cracking the lips also acting as a natural antioxidant against skin ageing. The Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick is perfectly complimented with a Colorbar lip liner.


The lipstick is packed in a shiny, silver cylindrical case. It has a sticker at one end which is the same color as the lipstick. The cap shuts tightly and the packaging is travel friendly. 


Rs 575


Available in 11 shades. I have '09 - Plum Dressing'.


2.5 gms

My Experience

The shade 'Plum Dressing' is a beautiful purplish, plummy shade. The bullet looks very dark and may scare you. However, one swipe gives a nice, light plum color which will suit all complexions. The color is easily buildable. Dusky beauties can wear it light or dark; it won't look garish. For the fair-skinned girls, this can brighten your entire look.

The texture is smooth. This shade is highly pigmented. It gives a matte finish and so is naturally, a bit drying. So, remember to exfoliate and use a lip balm underneath the lipstick. It is also a little sticky but nothing to cry about. The staying power is very good and lasts for 3-4 hours.

It can stain your lips and needs a make-up remover to take it off completely.


  • Beautiful shade that can brighten your entire look
  • The color will suit all complexions
  • Matte finish and smooth in texture
  • Excellent color payoff
  • Good staying power

WithOut Flash: Top - 2 to 3 swipes; Bottom - Single swipe


  • May be drying for some and hence requires exfoliation and a good lip balm
  • Stains your lips and hence requires a make-up remover
With Flash: Left - Single swipe; Right - 2-3 swipes

Overall Impression

This is a nice long-lasting lipstick to try and is not as drying as some of the other stay-on ones. The color is beautiful and will suit everyone, in my opinion.

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 4/5

Have you tried the other shades in this category? If yes, then do let me know which one and how you found it.

****Just for Laughs****

Junior's Word of the Day: Hippox

No, it is not a hippo with chicken pox. No, it is also not an ox doing hip-hop. It is just Junior with hiccups!!!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 

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  1. luved the extra bits in the end :D :D ... luvly shade too

  2. hehe I liked to read about junior more than the lipstick.... :)
    though the shade is nice... :D

  3. hey sweets...just chk ur first follower.....muaaah...connect with me also thru mu blog...and yes....kisses to junior....

  4. thanks for following smita... connected thru gfc..:)

  5. Lovely shade! And I do read the section at the end about your Junior, Always! :) In Punjab, they think that girls usually start speaking earlier than boys. At this age, they really talk non-stop like a parrot and at times it is so overwhelming. At the end of the day, I always remember those talks and sleep with a smile :)After all, everything they see is new to them and they so want to share the joy with us.