Diana of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick in 'Red Rose' Review and Swatches

July 21, 2012

Dark lipsticks seem to have a bad reputation! I think almost all fair to medium-skinned women run far from such dark lip colors. However, I love dark lipsticks! I think they suit my dusky complexion far better than the lighter shades. In my experience, the texture and finish of a lipstick is as important as its color. Even a pretty pink-colored lipstick can look tacky if the finish is not smooth and classy. If you plan to buy a a dark lipstick, then a matte, dull finish would be a safe bet.

Today's review is also of a dark lipstick - the Diana of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick in the shade 'Red Rose'.
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Product Description

As per the DOL website - An amazing lip product in a liquid form with iridescent, metallic effect, smooth on the lips, this uncommon texture doesn't feel heavy, nor greasy, the finish stays longer for 24 hours allowing perception in every occasion. "LONG LASTING & NON TRANSFER, WEAR IT & FORGET IT".



The lipstick comes in a tube with a sponge-tip applicator which picks up the required color.


Rs 630-699. Available here


Available in many shades. I bought 'Red Rose'.


8 ml

Shelf Life

24 months

My Experience

'Red Rose' is a deep, dark maroon color, almost like a beetroot. It is insanely pigmented. At first glance, it looks just like a liquid lipstick but soon dries fast and sets into a matte finish. The mantra 'less is more' works again here. Because the more you apply, the more it sits as a layer on your lips. In the below swatches with flash, you may not notice much difference between one swipe and two swipes. But there is a huge difference as seen in the two swatches without flash. Also, the camera and my still-developing photographic skills  are not showing the color properly. In reality, it is a very gorgeous shade.

(WithOut Flash) Left - Swiped Twice; Right - Swiped Once

It is not very drying but I always use a lip-balm, out of habit, before applying any lipstick. By itself, it is not drying but it tends to create a demarcation line at the inner border of the lips. I find this very irritating. To avoid this discomfort, I would suggest proper exfoliation of the lips, followed by a lip-balm. Then apply this lipstick. Once you have applied it, you can swipe your lip-balm later, as needed. This will relieve most of the discomfort as well as blur the demarcation line caused by the lipstick. By the way, you will not need to touch-up your lipstick as the color is going to stay put on your lips for a long time. You will only be using the lip-balm to soften the harsh inner line on your lips.

(With Flash) Left - Swiped Twice; Right - Swiped Once

Considering its pigmentation and tendency to sit upon the lips if applied in more than one layer, I would say that one swipe or layer of this lipstick is good enough. When this color does fade, it leaves behind a pigmented stain that is even more beautiful than its real color.

The lipstick is light-weight and this shade is capable of giving your look a red-carpet glamour. It is definitely not a casual, everyday color; but something to be reserved for parties and special occasions. If you wish to use it on a daily basis, then apply it as a lip stain.


  • Liquid lip color that dries fast and sets into a matte finish
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Light weight in texture
  • Long-lasting color
  • Insanely pigmented - one swipe is enough
  • Gorgeous, glamorous shade
  • Can be used both as lipstick and lip stain
  • Almost transfer-proof 


  • Contains parabens
  • The more you apply, the more it sits as a layer on your lips
  • Lips need to be properly exfoliated and hydrated before lipstick application
  • Not an every-day color
  • Can be drying for some people

Overall Impression

If you don't mind using a lip-balm under lipstick and also don't mind touching up with lip-balm whenever needed, then this lipstick is excellent for its staying power and pigmentation.

"Long Lasting & Non Transfer, Wear It & Forget It" - The company claims are true, indeed. But I would also like to add - "WEAR IT & FORGET IT, BUT DON'T FORGET YOUR LIP-BALM".

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 4/5

 Do let me know your favorite matte, long-stay lipstick in the comments below? Thank you for reading...

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  1. I like Chambor flowing lipsticks :) they stay for a long time... nice post!!

    1. hi swati.. i have that too. but these are much more pigmented..:)

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    1. hi smita.. thanks! like the name of ur blog, esp. the double 'zz' :)