What's Brewing in my Cafe .....

July 19, 2012

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So, what is brewing in the Indian Beauty Cafe? Cappuccino, Mocha, or South Indian Filter Kaapi???? Nahhh....

The Indian Beauty Cafe is a beauty and lifestyle blog featuring beauty product reviews, makeup, travel and other lifestyle-related articles. Here, you can expect to find well-written and researched posts that I hope will make your life easier. Hope to see you more often.... :)

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  1. hey jennifer :)
    new bloggie :)
    Loved your reviews..
    Can i be your follower?
    And I am a new follower too
    Can you follow me back :-bd

  2. hi apoorva... thanks for reading. u can follow me by clicking on any of the tabs on the right. let me know ur blog url too.. :)

    1. Heyya..
      Was checking out ur blog.. :D liked it a lot!! :)
      I could follow earlier ..
      N im ur follower now :)

      N this is my blog link:

  3. apoorva, thanks for following... will visit ur blog soon..:)