Avon Senses Carnival Deo Spray Review

August 23, 2012

"Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it." Vladimir Nabokov, the late multilingual Russian writer and poet could not have been more right. Smells play a significant role in recalling past memories and incidents. A mere shampoo can take you back to your childhood where your mother used to lovingly wash your hair with a similar-smelling one. 

Not all smells recall pleasant memories, though. In his childhood, Mr. B came across a worm or insect that smelt (according to him, exactly) like coriander leaves. The result - Till date, Mr. B cannot stand the smell of coriander leaves as it reminds him of the unfateful encounter with that worm or insect with which he obviously did not have a nice time. Mind you, it is only the coriander leaves that are banned from his dishes, not the coriander seeds or the powder. Those are still okay.

The Carnival deo spray by Avon is unique and does not remind me of anything from my past. However, when I do spray or sniff it, I visualise myself in a field full of roses and citrusy scents. Let me tell you further......


Product Description

As per the company,

  • This is a 'fresh floral fragrance. Feel alive and exhilarating with citrus and basil notes'.
  • '24 hr deo protection - Protection against body odour; Keeps you fresh all day long; Contains a gentle alcohol free deodorant


Propellent, Cyclomethicone Pentamer, Fragrance, Triclosan


Comes in a standard, pressurised deodorant container with a spray nozzle.


Rs 139. Available on Amazon.in


150 ml / 84 g

Shelf Life

3 years

My Experience

This is truly a fresh-floral fragrance. I can smell citrus and basil mixed with roses. So the citrus and basil give this deodorant its fresh notes while the rose contributes to the floral notes. It is a strong-smelling fragrance when compared to other commonly available deodorants in the market; yet, it is pleasant and unique. In spite of being strong, it does not give me a headache. Although inexpensive, it smells like an expensive fragrance. I find it to be a close and dirt-cheap dupe of the famous Calvin Klein perfume, CK One Shock For Her

It does not contain alcohol, so that is a major plus point. However, it does sting when used soon after shaving. The staying power is average - nothing impressive, but still better than regular deodorants. It stays strong for 1-2 hours after which it fades, becomes and remains mild, very mild, for a long time. It definitely does not stay for 24 hours. As a matter of fact, I have not come across a single deodorant that lasts for that much time.

It does protect against body odour as long as it stays with you. This would have been a great deodorant if it had longer staying power. Unfortunately, this stays strong only for some time. But in its extremely mild state, it lasts long and also prevents body odour effectively. So others may not be able to smell this fragrance off you, but look at it this way - they will neither be able to sense any body odour. At the end, it is your decision. If you are looking for a noticeable fragrance, this is not a good choice. If body odour is the main concern and you do not mind a hardly-there mild fragrance, then this fits the bill perfectly.


  • Fresh-floral fragrance
  • Pleasantly strong but does not induce headache
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Once it fades into a very mild fragrance, it lasts quite long
  • Protects against body odour as long as it lasts
  • Not tested on animals
  • Reasonably priced


  • Since it is strong-smelling intially, everyone may not like it. This is not a problem since anyway, it fades and becomes very mild. But I like its initial strong smell too.
  • Stings when applied after shaving
  • In its full form, it has average staying power
  • Does not stay or protect for 24 hours
  • Not easily available

Overall Impression

If body odour is the main concern, then it is definitely a nice deodorant to try. If you prefer to use noticeably-lasting fragrances, then this is not for you.

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 3.25/5

****Just for Laughs****

"BECAUSE...........THAT'S WHY" - Junior has made his life very simple. Where most kids would rattle their brains to come up with a reason for their erratic behaviour, Junior says, "Because............that's why". In case you are thinking that between 'because' and 'that's why', Junior is going to fill a new excuse each time, then bother not, for Junior himself does not! So that is the full sentence. For example, I ask:

Q. Why did you not eat your food fully? Ans. Because........that's why!
Q. Why did you not put back all your toys? Ans. Because........that's why!
Q. Why did you write the number '7' like thisAns. Because........that's why!

No justification, no stress, no worries - simple as that!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 

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  1. It is has nice fragrance, i have used it.
    Nice review!!!

    I am your new follower..:)


  2. Jenny nice review
    i used another fragrance from this range and the smell of that never lasted even fr half n hr
    n true they sting like hell

  3. but atleast this one smells good... :)