Cafe Gyaan - 3 Lip Balm Types Every Girl Should Have

August 01, 2012

I have a Lip Balm OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). I need to apply my lip balm every now and then, whether my lips are dry or not. I need to have lip balms everywhere - under my pillow, on the table, in my dresser drawer, in my handbag, everywhere. I wonder if my lips really are as dry as they pretend to be when they see a lip balm around. I wonder if I really need to use my lip balm as much as I do. So I have tried a lot of them and found that every girl needs atleast 3 different types of lip balm in her life. Each type has a different purpose and they are:


1. Lipstick Lip-Balm - The lip balm that you apply beneath your lipstick and sometimes over it as well. Do you know that the kind of lip balm that you apply before lipstick can actually help the lipstick stay longer or force it to fade sooner? The lipstick lip-balm has to be moisturizing, no doubt, but it should not be extra creamy or sit as a layer on top of your lips. Here, we need something light that can hydrate and smoothen your lips thus preparing them for lipstick application. In fact, some time after applying lipstick, if your lips are getting dry, you can layer this lip balm for adding moisture or fading sharp lines on your inner lips made by long-wear or matte lipsticks.
Cafe Recommendation: Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy, price Rs 135. I have this in the 'Cherry' variant (Available on Since I tend to use darker shades of lipstick, the slight tint of the lip balm gets covered up once I apply lipstick. I have noticed that this lip balm helps my lipstick stay longer on lips. It is a bit sticky but I guess that's what makes the lipstick to stay put. Those of you who use light-colored lipsticks can try the other variants in Lip Therapy which will match your lipsticks.

2. Overnight Lip-Balm - The lip balm that you apply at night-time, before hitting the pillow. This one has to be non-tinted and extremely moisturizing. It has to work through the night so that you wake up with soft and smooth lips, a rich lip balm that gets nicely absorbed and works its magic.
Cafe Recommendation: Himalaya Herbals Natural Moisturizing Lip Butter (Available on It is all-natural and free from harmful chemicals and priced reasonably at Rs 125. As the name suggests, it is buttery and makes your lips so so soft in the morning.

3. Regular Use Lip-Balm - The lip balm that you apply during daytime when you are at home or when you are not wearing lipstick. This can be one providing light hydration or extra moisturization, depending on your individual need or skin type. It can be tinted or non-tinted; it doesn't matter. It should just suit your requirement.
Lip Balm
Cafe Recommendation: Maybelline Lip Smooth Color and Care Lip Balm, price Rs 110 (Available on It is non-sticky, decently moisturizing, and available in lovely tints. I have tried it in 'Rose Red' and 'Cranberry'.

This, more or less, sums up the different types of lip balms that we need on a daily basis. You can find the lip balm best-suited to your needs and preferences based on these 3 broad categories.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.......  

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