Cafe's Star Product - Kryolan TV Paint Stick FS45 Review and Swatches

August 28, 2012

"The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural" - Calvin Klein, American fashion designer, also known for his perfumes, watches, and jewellery.

This is easier said than done. For the natural look, finding an appropriate foundation or makeup base in the right shade and then finding the best way to apply it - do this and more than half your job is done. The rest of the task is not as difficult. Most of the times, the foundations available in India (both Indian and international brands) have such limited shades that it becomes quite difficult to get a close match for your complexion. Even if you manage to get that right, getting the perfect finish, coverage, staying power and all other required qualities in one foundation is not just difficult but a never-ending process of trial and error.

Now let me narrate my Kryolan TV paint stick experience to you..... 

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Product Description

As per the company website, this is a "Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the same time. The KRYOLAN assortment of more than 250 color nuances for selection is truly extraordinary - which makes this preparation indispensable for stage, film, TV and video work. TV Paint Stick is available in a variety of more than 120 shades. Available in a handy twist-up cylinder."



Comes in the standard Kryolan grey-colored packaging. The foundation stick is encased in a twist-up cylinder with a screw cap.


Rs 800


25 gms


Available in more than 120 shades. I have FS45, which is a medium-beige colour.

Shelf Life

4 years

How To Use

First, hydrate the skin using an appropriate moisturizer. Now dot the foundation stick directly onto the face and neck. Then blend well using a wet or semi-dry foundation sponge.

Instead of dotting the entire face at one go and then blending, what I do is - I dot a very small area of the face and first blend that area. Then dot another small area and blend. By dotting and blending very small areas, you are essentially preventing the foundation from drying, and blending is easier when it is still creamy.

My Experience

The Kryolan TV Paint Stick is a creamy stick foundation that would suit normal and dry skin types more than oily ones. That said, a moisturizer is still a must before using this foundation, mainly to aid blending. Since it gives a dewy finish, in humid or hot weather, I use the Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow micro-emulsion as a moisturizer as it is quite light but still hydrating for my dry skin. However, in winter, I will need to use a heavier moisturizer. I have not used it with a primer. But even without it, the staying power is impressive, especially if you set it with a setting powder such as the Kryolan translucent powder. Oily skin types will definitely need an oil-absorbing loose or pressed powder if they plan to use this stick foundation. As a little product is required each time to cover the face and neck, one stick will last long.

This foundation also does a good concealing job, so it is a 2-in-1 product. It does not cake.  The coverage is buildable and depends on how you apply it. I find that using a makeup sponge gives a lighter coverage than when using fingers. I have used it with both wet sponge and almost-dry sponge (provided that skin is adequately moisturized) without any problem. 

Since it comes in so many shades, you need to find the right one for your complexion. I am dusky and got the FS45 shade because I read somewhere that this would suit dark Indian skin tones. But this is not an exact match for me. In spite of this, it blends well and does not look odd on me. But I will definitely be purchasing another shade close to my skin color in the future.

Swatches - Without Flash

This foundation gives a dewy and seamless finish, and an airbrushed, natural look. It does not look or feel like an extra layer on my face. It can tend to look artificial though if you do not properly moisturise or blend the foundation. It does not oxidise as well. I have also noticed that whenever I use this along with the Kryolan translucent powder, I tend to sweat far far less than I normally do. Though I just love this quality, it can also mean that it blocks pores and therefore sweat too. Blocked pores can lead to acne for some. I do not get acne normally, so I can afford the occasional pore-blocking factor.

Moisturisation is crucial if you use a stick foundation. The moisturiser can be light or heavy - depending on skin type, weather, and need - but still very much needed. Otherwise, blending becomes difficult.

Swatches - With Flash


  • Creamy and best suitable for normal and dry skin types
  • Available in a variety of more than 120 shades
  • 2-in-1 product - concealer cum foundation
  • Lightweight feel and gives an airbrushed, natural look
  • Dewy and seamless finish
  • Buildable coverage
  • Does not oxidise or cake
  • Makes you sweat less than you normally do
  • Good staying power - Applying a setting powder over it increases the lasting power.
  • One stick will last long as only a little product is required each time to cover the face and neck.


  • Skin needs to be adequately moisturised before applying this 
  • Needs proper blending, otherwise tends to look artificial
  • Not a foundation that can be applied in a hurry, needs some time to apply and blend
  • You need to find the right shade for your complexion
  • May not suit oily skin types well since it is creamy
  • Oily skin types will definitely need an oil-absorbing loose or pressed powder if they plan to use this stick foundation
  • May block pores and subsequently lead to breakouts in acne-prone skin types
  • Price may be expensive for some
  • Since one stick lasts long, I seriously wish it came in smaller size

Overall Impression

This is an excellent concealer-cum-foundation for normal and dry skin. It has a lightweight feel, gives a natural look and dewy finish. It provides medium to heavy coverage, depending on how you apply. Also has good staying power. This is one of my best foundations for occasions, not because it looks made-up and artificial but because it takes time to apply and blend.

If you are skeptical and new to stick foundations, then I suggest you first buy a stick foundation from an inexpensive brand. Try and practise to get the application and blending technique right. This is very important while applying this type of foundation. Once you get that right, then you can invest in the Kryolan TV paint stick and appreciate its true worth. 

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 5/5

(It is not the right shade for me, but that is not the product's fault and hence giving it full marks for quality and performance)

****Just for Laughs****

Junior's Thought of the Day - "IF YOU DON'T WANT TO, YOU DON'T HAVE TO..."/"IF YOU WANT TO, YOU CAN..."

For example - 
"If you don't want to do homework, then you don't have to do homework"  (Actually he is referring to himself, though he is saying 'you')
"If you want to buy for me a new car, then you can buy me a new car"
"If we want to go to mall, then we can go to mall"

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 

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  1. I really want to try Kryolan stuff. Will definitely look into this too if i go to Keryolan. Seems really nice but the pore clogging thing just worries me a bit :) Nice and detailed review :)

    1. thanks... may/may not block pores, not confirmed though... :)

  2. nice review!!
    even i had the same experience with a lipstick shade quality and texture was good but color was not type.:)

  3. i have FS45,FS28 & FS29.i have meadium tone with lil yellowish tone...FS45 is darker yellow tone thn my skin shade n FS28 is lil pinkish tone...i use both shade togather...i use both shade 50-50%....n FS29 is bil lighter thn FS28...28 is great shade for night parties...n for every day use i preferd FS28 with FS45...

    1. so u made it work for u... that's nice aaysha...:)

  4. hey Jenny :)
    I have this in 303 a orange colored paint stick
    love it and can't live without for the concealing effect it gives
    nice review and the pictures are so neat and clear

    1. thanks.... i want the orange one too.... :)

  5. That is such a a detailed review...i did read a couple of reviews of this product but none of them highlighted the pros and cons like you have...
    I am definitely looking forward to trying this foundation now armed with all the info you shared..

    I have an award waiting for you on my blog...please go and grab it :)

    1. hey, thanks a lot.... yeah, do try and hope u find it as good....
      and thanks for the award... :)

  6. I have recently come across some reviews of Kryolan products but there is no store here. I am looking for a foundation right now and have dry skin like you. Thanks for this review and for explaining the blending technique so thoroughly.

  7. I recently came across your review. I`m Nc35 in Mac can you please help me to find the right shade

  8. Can you please tell me where can i purchase Kryolan products especially this tv stick foundation...Please Please Please if there is any online site can you please let me know?