Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips Review

August 10, 2012

"Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax" - these are the words of the late German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer. Just as warmth softens wax, a little politeness in your personality adds gentleness and makes you a wonderful human being. As for these facial wax strips, they definitely soften and melt with warmth but are they polite to your skin? Come, follow me and find out....

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Product Description

As per the company website, "Facial wax strips are the most convenient, easiest & safest way to get rid of unwanted hair. The pack contains 6 double sided wax strips which are adequate for complete waxing. The ready to use wax strips remove hair from the root unlike conventional wax or hair removing cream."

Ingredients and Contents

Pre-Waxing Notes

How To Use


Rs 40

Shelf Life

24 months

My Experience

These wax strips are pre-coated with wax. There are 6 double-sided strips in a pack which essentially means that you get 12 strips when you separate them all. You also get a heavily-scented after-depil towelette to be used after waxing. I was able to use 1 strip approximately twice. This will vary depending on how much hair is there on your face. With regard to waxing effectiveness, I would say that these strips did a pretty good job in removing almost all the facial hair. I cannot compare it with threading though as the latter gives a clean-and-clear face feel, and also removes hair fully. In fact, face threading makes my facial skin lighter, cleaner, and brighter. I do not get a similar result with these strips but still they do a fairly good job. I would not recommend this on a regular basis since waxing on face is not a good idea. It tends to tug and pull your skin and can lead to premature wrinkling. However, it is a good option when you are running out of time but want to get rid of facial hair too before stepping out.

The main problem I face is that exactly 3 days after I use these strips, I get eruptions on the waxed facial area. They do go away in some days' time though. Normally, I do only threading on face. I get small eruptions even after threading. However, the post-threading ones go away sooner and are much less noticeable.

The pain experienced is the same as with any normal waxing. However, if you compare with threading, the pain is still the same; the only difference is that waxing is faster and therefore you undergo pain for lesser amount of time. Threading comparitively takes more time and so you experience pain also for a longer duration. 

The first time I waxed with these strips, I used my regular facewash after waxing and did not use the after-depil towellete provided along with the strips. So I thought that I had got eruptions because my facewash had not properly removed the wax residue. So next time, I used the towellete but still my face broke out. So, please follow the instructions carefully and also carry out the sensitivity test before waxing.

The after-depil towelette is quite oily. Since you should ideally not use a facewash immediately after waxing, you can blot off the excess oil using a tissue. I just wash my face with a lot of plain water and that reduces the oiliness to an extent. But I dare not use a facewash after waxing.


  • Effectively and efficiently removed my facial hair, well.... almost.
  • Size of each wax strip is adequate for different facial areas
  • You get an additional after-depil towelette and you need to use it to get any remaining wax off your face and hairline
  • Pre-coated with wax and ready to use, so saves time and energy
  • Good to have and use when you have no time to visit a parlor
  • Claims to be all natural
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not tested on animals (that's good ), but being directly tested on you 
  • No parabens
  • It would be a good emergency hair-removal option for those who do not break out with these wax strips


  • Does not remove hair fully when compared to threading and so personally, I find threading a better option for the clear-face feel
  • Gives rise to small eruptions on my face exactly 3 days later, every time I use it
  • While pulling the strips apart, if you are not careful, the wax can get clumpy and unevenly distributed
  • Waxing on face may lead to premature wrinkles as some skin also gets invariably pulled while pulling away hair
  • The after-depil towelette is very oily

Overall Impression

For me, this would be an option only if I have no time to go to a parlor and still need to look groomed. Otherwise, I am quite satisfied with its waxing efficiency and also know how to deal with those eruptions. I would advise you also to do the same. Use it only for emergencies, that too after checking its side-effects. All skin types are different and what gave me eruptions may be perfectly fine for you. So if and only if it suits you, use it and that too only for emergencies because waxing as such is not good for facial skin and can give you wrinkled skin before time. I am sure nobody wants that. 

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 2/5

****Just for Laughs****

AN 'F' FOR AN 'S' - In Junior's life, there are no 'S's, atleast not if they are near the 'F' syllable. Inside his little head, in such cases, all 'S's get auto-converted to 'F's. So,


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!  

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  1. Good Review..but i still find threading much better!!


    1. threading is always better.... this is just an emergency option...

  2. I wanted to try out this product, so thanks for the heads up about the eruptions after using it. Now i'm sceptical about this product. May be i will use it only in emergencies
    Following your blog!!

  3. thanks sudhaa and welcome to Indian Beauty Cafe...:) yeah, only for emergencies...

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