Lotus Herbals FloralSTAY Long Lasting Lip Color in 'Purple Daisy' Review and Swatches

August 08, 2012

"Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth", so said Mike Tyson, the American professional boxer who obviously spoke from his experience inside the boxing ring. By the way, I last saw Mr. Tyson in the hit comedy film, 'The Hangover' and that entire sequence involving the tiger was hilarious, I think.

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Coming to Tyson's quote, well, I did not get punched or anything. But let me narrate the story of this unplanned purchase. usually plan and buy my cosmetics. But, this lipstick was a random and hurried buy! It was actually our wedding anniversary the next day and I had been to infinite stores in search of a  nice dress that Mr. B planned to gift me. Yes, I like to select my own gifts. Mr. B knows how fond I am of exchanging stuff. So to save traffic time, personal time and energy, he takes me along to select my own gifts so that there is no question of exchange.

Anyway, so in spite of visiting almost all stores and malls in my part of the city, I had still found nothing. And next morning, Mr. B had to gift me something. So he asked me to get something, anything. It was time to return home by then. I knew that he would get me the actual gift anyway, and so did not want to waste money. I quickly decided to get a reasonably-priced cosmetic and dashed to the beauty store in the mall. I already had 2 impressive FloralSTAY lipsticks with me and so thought of getting another color from the same. I swatched the lipsticks and liked this 'Purple Daisy' as it looked nice and dark in the store. And I like dark lipsticks. So I ended up buying it. It was only after returning home and actually applying it that I realised that it is quite a light shade on me. So that is the sad story behind this particular lipstick. 

Product Description

As per the company website, the FloralSTAY collection is a range of 10 exciting long-lasting lip colours in maroons, pinks and browns, enriched with botanical extracts of Aloe Vera and Avocado. Unique features - Lip color that lasts for hours with zero touch-ups. The SPF-10 formula provides complete protection from UV rays, preventing darkening of lips. 100% vegetarian: no animal ingredients.


Active ingredients: Aloe vera and Avocado


The lipstick comes in a cute pink casing with floral design on it to justify its 'FloralSTAY' name. Inside is the slim lipstick bullet. The cap tends to get loose and may come off now and then, with frequent use.


Rs 375


Available in 10 shades. Mine is 'Purple Daisy'.

Shelf Life

3 years

My Experience

This is a wearable, medium purple shade. It is not at all, as dark as it seems. I bought it thinking that it is a dark lipstick, but it is quite light. I am almost sure that it will look very nice on fairer complexions. Dusky girls who do not like dark colors, may like it too. The color payoff is good. It has a smooth texture and matte finish. It stays for about 2-3 hours and then fades into a stain on the lips. 

You will definitely need exfoliated lips and a lipbalm beneath this lipstick as it tends to be drying. However, I have two other lipsticks from the same range and they are not as drying as this one. They are also not as matte as this one. So the dryness is specific to this particular shade, I think, or maybe because it is matte. Or maybe, they need to add a little more aloe vera and avocado! 

Since the lipstick bullet is slim, it is prone to breaking. I happened to twist up one of my lipsticks more than required and it broke! So twist up only a little and you should be fine. By the way, the cap also has a mind of its own and keeps coming off with frequent use. So you need to be careful while travelling with this lipstick or you may end up with its different body parts sitting and sulking in different corners of your bag. Quite possible! 

WithOut Flash: Left - 1 swipe;  Right - 2 swipes

Comparison with other brands - Personally, I find Lotus Herbals a better brand for lipsticks than Maybelline as they stay longer. Maybelline scores for its buttery soft texture but they hardly stay on. I always apply lipbalm and as I mentioned earlier, the other two FloralSTAY lipsticks I have are not as drying. I will definitely opt for Lotus over Maybelline any day, any time. But that's just a personal choice. I know many of you just love Maybelline. Also Lakme lipsticks in the same price range are more drying than this one. So it is better than Lakme too which is in the same price range. However, you can get Colorbar lipsticks for much less and they are far far better than these ones. So my order of preference would be Colorbar, Lotus, Lakme, and then Maybelline.

With Flash: Left - 1 swipe;  Right - 2 swipes 


  • Good pigmentation
  • Long lasting
  • Fades into a stain, does not disappear completely
  • Has SPF 10, so some protection from sun
  • Smooth texture and matte finish
  • Cute pink packaging
  • 100% Vegetarian: No animal ingredients
  • Enriched with botanical extracts


  • Little dry, needs a lip balm and exfoliated lips
  • Prone to breaking due to the slim bullet
  • Only 10 shades, so not much to choose from
  • Cap keeps coming off with frequent use, so not travel friendly

Overall Impression

These are fairly good lipsticks with some seriously pretty shades to choose from. It has a nice smooth texture with good color payoff. You can surely give it a try and decide for yourself.

Cafe-O-Meter Rating: 3.25/5

****Just for Laughs****

Last Sunday, Mr. B, Junior and I went to the mall. After our mall darshan, Mr. B went to get the car from the mall parking lot. Meanwhile, Junior and I waited near the main gate, sitting on a platform. And there was this small girl behind us, hardly one year old, yelling and screaming at us. Basically, she had not yet started talking and was making all kinds of weird noises at us. So I asked Junior what she was telling.

Junior's interpretation of the situation - "That little girl's mummy and papa are shouting and beating her all the time. She wants you, mamma (that is, me)." I looked at the little girl and pretended to tell her that "I am Ewan's (Junior's real name) mamma, not yours...". Junior was very happy and felt much at ease after that. While returning back home, I kept thinking what would happen if that little girl really came along with us and what would happen if that chatterbox got together with this one, and I was like .

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 

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  1. LOL...more than the review I look forward to those little sidenotes or rather the "end"notes ;)
    nice review by the way, I am yet to try the floralstay range from Lotus :)

  2. thanks pooja.....shall tell Junior...:)

  3. lols.. I love your junior talks.. Can anyone please tell me from where can I buy lotus lipsticks in Delhi :(

    1. thanks swati :) u can check in 'New u' stores if u have them in delhi, some 'health and glow' outlets also stock lotus..hope this helps... :)

  4. love your junior talks.. :)
    And this shade is nice too :D

  5. I have an award for u on my blog...and a fun game