Cafe Haul - Vedic Line, Rustic Art, Yardley, Sunsilk, Maybelline.....

September 07, 2012

Haul posts are my favourite kind of posts. Irrespective of whether the haul is small or huge, it never fails to attract me. If you ask me, it is an extension of retail therapy. A strange and special kind of happiness takes over me when I see a haul, even if it is someone else's. Hope you like my haul too. Here are more pictures...

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The Yardley perfume (also available as deo spray) was gifted by my little cousin from UAE. I bought the remaining stuff from different places.

After reading positive reviews, I decided to get the Vedic Line Alpha Whitening Cream, a depigmentation cream (Available on I picked up the Eyetex Dazzler nail paint along with the Sunsilk combo, during my grocery shopping from the local supermarket. The other 2 nailpaints are from New U and Maybelline.

I bought the handmade soap and the Rustic Art herbal shampoo (Available on from the Mother Earth store of a nearby mall. So that is what I have right now. Meanwhile, I am also waiting for some other stuff that I ordered. Reviews will be posted as soon as I have formed an opinion about them. Each review drains a lot of energy and time out of me as I just cannot write in a hurry.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! 

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  1. loved the coconut :))
    nice haul dear :)

  2. hey nice haul dear.. pls review the vedic line depigmentation cream :)