Khadi Mery Bery Face Pack Review and Swatch

September 26, 2012

"Charm is a glow within a woman that casts a most becoming light on others" - John Mason Brown, late American drama critic.

Whenever I apply face pack, Junior has this game kind of thing with me where I have to act like a ghost. I pretend to scare him and he pretends to get scared. I say 'pretend' because these days, the kids do not get scared by ghosts anymore. I am pretty sure that if I see something like a ghost, I will surely faint but not Junior! There is nothing to scare him with! If at all I do try, then he comes up with his old-man wisdom and logic, and then I get scared.

Coming to the face pack, certainly my face had a glow when the pack was on my face. But was there a glow after I washed off the pack??? Let us see...

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Product Description

As per the company website, this is "a fruit-based pack which improves the skin texture, firmness and elasticity. An ideal choice for instant glowing effect."


Prunus Puddum, Aegce marmelos, Ananas Comosus , Kaolinum, Ash of Zincum, Mineral Oil, Preservative, Purified Water Q.S.


Regular transparent, plastic Khadi tub container with screw cap


Rs 90


50gms + 10gms (free) = 60 gms

Shelf Life

24 months

How to Use

Apply the pack on wet face for 15 minutes. Let it dry and wipe with moist cotton.

My Experience

It is essentially a clay-based ('kaolinum'pack with fruit extracts. It is pale pink in color and very creamy. You have to apply this pack on wet face as instructed. This loosens up the otherwise thick creamy consistency of the face pack and also helps to spread it better on the face. Once the pack starts drying, you can feel your face tightening up but not in a stretchy or uncomfortable way. At the end of 15 minutes when I wash my face, I do not notice any glow or special effects. It did not further dry out my already-dry skin either. So neither did it do any good nor any bad. Maybe it will fare better on oily skin types, I am not sure though. All it does for me is a bit of facial skin tightening or firming, but nothing impressive. Though there were no visible effects on washing off the face pack, I must say that I did look quite nice with the face pack on, in a ghostly kind of way!!!

One good thing is that Khadi has mentioned all the ingredients as well as the respective proportions used. Nothing is hidden from the user . The bad thing is - when you inspect the  ingredients, you will find that clay ('kaolinum'), zinc ashes ('Ash of Zincum') and mineral oil which are the main ingredients, are mentioned quite later in the list. The fruits or berries that are mentioned at the top of the list, account for a small percentage of the face pack . I wonder why on earth are we putting zinc ash on our face! I read on a website that zinc ashes are dangerous when wet and Khadi has specifically instructed to use the face pack on wet face!!!  Since I have not researched further, I am not going to comment more on this topic and leave it to the readers to decide. Anyway, this makes it not so herbal anymore and not a very 'mery-bery' situation either!

If you need a truly herbal pack, you need to go and make one yourself . For the lazy rest of us who need something ready-to-use, we have to make do with a few chemicals and preservatives, or find a genuinely chemical-free brand that also happens to be priced atrociously high!


  • Ready to use - no mixing involved, saves time and energy
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Affordable
  • Tightens facial skin
  • Full list of ingredients


  • Not completely herbal
  • No glow; so you might want to increase that charm quotient! 

Overall Impression

If like me, you apply a face pack just once in a week, then you should look for better alternatives that actually do something for you. However, if you use face packs on a daily basis, then you can use this for skin maintenance and also for a change. 

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 2.5/5

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! 

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  1. hmm..not that good then...won't suit my dry skin...thanks for the review dear :)

  2. You know these days I am really pissed off with these old brands we have known to be as 'Ayurvedic' or 'Herbal' since childhood. Off late I have started checking Dabur products specifically and am shocked to see so many chemicals and parabens in them. Meswak toothpaste, i was shocked to see Formaldehyde in it and now getting to know about this Khadi product. Thanks for sharing coz i used to think Khadi doesn;t do that. Btw, what r these emoticons on this page. They aren't letting me type, the page is so SUPER DUPER slow to load and even typing is badly affected. Didn't face this with your other articles.

    1. what is actually herbal and natural is really doubtful now.... same old emoticons, gaganpreet, nothing new.... anyway, thanks for letting know, shall check and see... :)