Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask Review and Swatch

October 31, 2012

For long, I had been on the look-out for a nice face pack that I could use while travelling. I have used face masks in the past which were not exactly a pleasant experience, mainly because they came off in bits and pieces and not as a peel as I would have liked them to. But even though this was not a face pack but a mask, I just had to buy it for its simple and fuss-free sachet styling . To elaborate how well it fared on my expectations, let me proceed with the review...

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Product Description; and How to Use


This mask comes in sachet packaging which can be further cut into 2 single-use, separate packs. It is a travel-friendly and 'use-and-throw' type packaging.


Rs 60


2 x 6ml

Shelf Life

2 yrs 5 months

See the dotted line? Tear along this line to get 2 single-use, separate packs

See.... 2 single-use, separate packs

My Experience

Garnier products do not usually appeal to me. But as I said, the sachet style impressed me. Since there are not many options when it comes to use-and-throw packs and masks from known brands, I found Garnier to be a much safer bet than some unknown company.

This is a thick and sticky gel consistency face mask. Each pack has enough quantity to cover face and neck. It has a pleasant, citrusy smell and is lemon-yellow in color. Please tie your hair away from the face before applying this mask or be prepared to peel off some hair too! It is a little messy to take the gel from the sachet since it is quite sticky. So if you are at home and not travelling, it is better to transfer the gel to another bowl and then use. It is quite easy to apply on the face though you cannot layer it much as it is a mask. As in the case of all masks, this one too has to be applied evenly so that it can be peeled off easily.

Though the instructions ask you to keep it for 15 minutes, mine took 25 minutes to dry properly. While the mask is drying, it is a good idea to keep your mouth shut and not talk much! This will further help the mask to set properly. I am telling this because once this mask was on my face, I had this uncontrollable need to convey so many things within that short span of time. So I did chatter, albeit in slow motion!

Fortunately, it had set properly as I was able to actually peel it off at the end of 25 minutes . Most other face masks that I have used in the past failed in this aspect miserably! So I loved how it came off as a peel! I also loved its after-effects. My skin looked and felt clean and fresh; and as a result, also brighter! I think that since I was able to peel it off in almost-one piece, the mask was able to lift the dirt and grime from deep down my pores. On removing the mask, skin does not feel dry or stretchy. However, I did feel the need to moisturize after a while. The brightening effect is however temporary but I would surely recommend this as a quick fix for an occasion or function, or while travelling. Overall, I am happy to find atleast one Garnier product that actually works for me!   


  • Brightens complexion
  • Skin looks clean and fresh
  • Claims to contain pure lemon essence
  • Sachet packaging - ideal to use while travelling
  • Use and throw, so convenient
  • Enough quantity for single-time use
  • Actually comes off as a peel
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Affordably priced
  • A good quick fix


  • Effects do not last long
  • A bit messy to take the sticky gel from the sachet

Overall Impression

I liked this Garnier mask and would recommend it as a quick fix for occasions and functions. The use-and-throw sachet styling makes it excellent to use while travelling too.

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 4/5

Thanks for reading and have a nice day...

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  1. heyy Jennifer..
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  3. I will be going to try it out. I have used their BB creams and I super love it. I think i will be going to love this too. I'll go and check this out.

  4. Nice review sweety!

    I ahve been using this peel off mask from Oriflame called the 'Grape Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask' and it really works great on my skin...

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