Health and Glow EN-VY Nail Color in 'Midnight in Paris' Review and Swatch

October 24, 2012

Have you been to a Health and Glow store? Well, most of you must have! But for the rest who haven't, let me brief you about this place. This is a place swarming with SAs who know nothing but want to help you with everything! Hmmm, okay almost all SAs, if not all!!! Let me go through what you will most likely experience in case you have never entered this store before.

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The minute you step inside or rather the minute the SA army inside has spotted you putting your foot into the store, the attack begins and out fires innumerable questions - May I help you, ma'm?; what are you looking for?; any particular shade?; would you like to try any other brand?; so on and so forth. They fail to realize that for you to buy something, you need to actually reach that counter and for that, they need to give you space to walk and air to breathe enough oxygen.Suppose you have managed to reach a counter and you utter 'lipstick' - instantly, the SA pulls out your hand without even asking. And while you are still checking whether your arm is still connected to your body or not, the SA takes to the task of swatching; each color swiped so hard over your skin that she might as well be etching a tattoo or engraving on the Ajanta and Ellora caves!!! No, that is not an exaggeration. Who swipes a lipstick like that, on lips?

Let us change the scenario - you ask for 'body lotion'. The SA hears only 'lotion' and she takes off, with you in tow, of course! Then she whips out a 'moisturizing lotion' meant for face and insists that it can be used for body too. Oh no, she does not say like that; she says that it is a body lotion only. Grrrr..... I can go on and on about the SA species but there is so much that it cannot be covered in one post. So keeping them aside for now, let us get into the review...


Regular nail paint bottle; strong and sturdy packaging with decent-quality inbuilt brush


Rs 49


030 - Midnight in Paris


9 ML

Shelf Life

24 months

My Experience

When it comes to nail paints, I usually do not like to spend much as I dislike repeating a shade unless I really like it. But I have also learnt that buying 'cheap' stuff is not a wise decision either. The bottomline is that quality matters; cheap or pricey does not!

Nails, according to me, are dead anyway and cannot suffer any more. So if I can get a nail paint with good quality at an affordable price, I am all happy. By quality, I am referring to its smooth application, consistency and staying power; and not its ingredients as such.

This nail paint has got such a lovely name - 'Midnight in Paris' - as lovely as the color inside. 'Midnight in Paris' is a gorgeous metallic navy-blue color. The finish and color are such that it will look equally nice on dusky hands as much as on fair or medium ones. The consistency is neither thin nor thick. This particular color is nice and glossy. It is not streaky in application. It gives almost opaque coverage in one coat; however, I like to apply two coats.

The staying power is mind-blowing, far superior than some of the known brands that we normally use. I have not used high-end brands; so cannot compare with those. Even without a base coat or top coat, this nail paint stays put on my nails for a week easily, and that too without any chipping or peeling. Now how many brands can boast of such quality??

This excellent-quality nail paint comes at such an affordable price that you have no excuse to skip it. Since it is Health and Glow's in-house brand, it may not be available in places where there are no H&G outlets. Also, I could see that different shades were different in consistency; so you may want to watch out for that. As for this particular color, you can blindly buy this. I am very impressed and will be checking out the other shades soon.

My nails are pretty short right now; so I have swatched the nail paint on a plastic sheet in the picture below. Isn't the color pretty?


  • This particular shade is gorgeous
  • Non-streaky, glossy finish
  • Excellent coverage
  • Impressive staying power 
  • No chipping or peeling for almost a week
  • Excellent quality at affordable price
  • Will suit all skin tones alike


  • Available at only Health and Glow outlets
  • Consistency and finish may vary based on the shade chosen

Overall Impression

This particular shade 'Midnight in Paris' is a real beauty and a must-buy. Glossy, non-streaky, affordable, exceptional staying power and good coverage! Do check them out next time at the Health and Glow store.

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 5/5

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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  1. i have 6 of these :D
    couldnt resist buying them :P
    I love them all :D

  2. i have 6 of these brand and i love them all :D
    and i have this too :D

    1. wow, six?? i mean to collect more too but there were only limited shades at the store... i have to check other H&G outlets now..:)

  3. Love the shade..and my god the place sounds terrible!

    1. the shade is lovely... so i guess you do not have H&G... the stores are nice and have good offers too but the SAs are seriously a nuisance... thank god there for online shopping :)

  4. Wow!!! I super like the shade but unfortunately its kinda hard to find for they can be only bought in H&G.