Vedic Line Alpha Whitening Cream (De-pigmentation Cream) Review and Swatch

October 18, 2012

I got this whitening/depigmentation cream some time back and you must have also seen it in my haul post (read here). Some of the readers wanted me to review it. It is almost 11/2 months now that I have been using it and would now like to share my experience with all of you.

Before that, I would like to know what these companies mean by 'whitening'. Can any skin be white in color? I am not referring to the racial context here. I can think of white as a skin color, only in one condition, and that is if you are an albino. Now that is not something a person would like to be, given a choice.

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The Indian skincare market, in particular, thrives a lot on such whitening, lightening, brightening and fairness products. I have seen my already-fair friends buying and using different fairness creams as and when they hit the stores, and it used to make me wonder a lot. They said it was for maintenance! Anyway, since I am dusky, I too now buy such products to maintain my color and to prevent further darkening. And surely, a little lightening is not going to hurt me, if that happens!!

Product Description

As per the company website - "Rich compound, whitens complexion by melting extra melanin. Detoxifies & strengthens cells. Daily use gives even colour to skin." 


Water, Green Tea Extract, Kojic Acid, Mulberry Extract, Olive Oil


The cream is packaged in a green-colored tub with a screw lid and has an inner silver foil cover.


Rs 250. Available on



Shelf Life

36 months

How To Use

Apply it on clean & moist face, so it gets penetrated. Make sure your skin is moist as instructed or else you may find it difficult spreading the cream on your skin.

My Experience

I have some stubborn pigmentation around the mouth and I got this cream specifically for that purpose. It is a thick white cream. The first thing you will notice is the strong, unpleasant, chemical-like smell. It is a bit sticky and waxy, and also makes me sweat a little as soon as I apply it. You need to massage the cream over moist skin as it is quite heavy. Even after that, it sort of 'sits' on top of your skin. After applying this cream, if you happen to wet your face even a little, you can feel its slippery presence on your skin. I think it does not get completely absorbed. For the above reasons, I am least happy using this cream and so I use it in very little quantity, massage it in a lot, and also use it only at night. It is a lot similar to the Fabindia depigmentation cream in texture and consistency and I dislike them both for the same reasons.

Coming to its depigmentation effect, I have been using this once at night for the past 11/2 months and see no visible difference in the pigmented areas around my mouth. That is also the reason for this delayed review. I was waiting to see if it worked or not, and it has not! Atleast, with the Fabindia cream, I did notice some difference. My face does look  a bit brighter and nicer when I have applied and blended in the cream really well. But that is of no use because this cream is meant to treat pigmentation.

I have dry skin and absolutely hate this sitting on my face, like a layer. It is getting a bit cooler here in Bangalore but still using this cream is not a pleasant experience. I wonder how it will fare on oily skin types and in summers. Maybe with prolonged use or if you have more co-operative pigmentation than mine, it may yield results. I would not have minded using it regularly but I cannot tolerate any cream that just sits on my skin and makes its presence felt! I am definitely not going anywhere near this product again, nor will I use it any longer, now that I am done with this review. I may not waste it either; maybe I will tell Mr. B that it can also be used as a foot cream at night, in order to finish it up!!

It does look like the cream has been absorbed really well; but I assure you that it is still very much sitting there on top of my skin!


  • 100% veg
  • Not tested on animals


  • Thick and waxy; 'sits' as a layer on face
  • Strong chemical-like smell
  • No visible difference in pigmentation
  • May not suit oily skin types
  • Even other skin types may/may not like it
  • Cannot be used while going outdoors or in summers

Overall Impression

I completely dislike the way this cream just 'sits' on my face without getting absorbed, inspite of massaging it nicely. After using it for 11/2 months, It has not visibly lightened any pigmentation. Even if it does lighten with prolonged use, I will still not buy it as it was an unpleasant experience using this cream. You can try it if you want. Each individual and their skin type is unique and maybe it will suit you.

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 1/5

****Just for Laughs****

The latest news in relation to the 'Junior and the ear muff' incident (read the first one at the end of this post) - Ear muffs have become Junior's best friend nowadays. They help him chase away bad dreams, protect him from cough, and also much more.

Just today, when I was playing 'train-train' with him, I tripped but did not fall. Anyway, 2 of my toenails broke in a very bad way with one toe hardly left with any nail. Well, it did pain like hell and was bleeding too. I will not go into the details here but the point is that Junior did not realize what had happened. Anyway, he did hear my oohs and aahs later. And what does he do? He goes to his room, and out he comes wearing his beloved ear muffs and continues to watch his cartoon!!! Seeing the ear muff, I asked him the reason, and he said that it was to muffle my agony cries! I was stunned!

Some time later, he was in his kind-heart mode and also held my hand and helped me walk. I asked him to pray to God so that my pain goes away. He did pray and come back to me. I asked him what God had said and he told me, "God said, next time". I asked him, why next time, why not now?? Junior said, "Because He (God) wants to sleep now!!!." 

Thanks for reading and have a nice day...

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  1. Hmmmm this cream reminds me of Olay Natural White, which also just sits on the skin and starts running down with the first contact with water. Though that smells really nice. I was under the impression that vedic line products are generally good, so thanks for telling about this one. For pigmentation, just rub lemon everyday and it will work like miracle.

    1. maybe it will work if used for longer duration but i do NOT want to continue using this cream any longer...

  2. hi dear...did u tried any other products form vedicline for pigmentation range...please suggest me if anything suitable. i also tried fabindia d pigmentation and really i hate the waxy texture.

  3. try aroma magic really hlps.

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