Review, Swatch - Makeup Revolution London Defence Anti Bacterial Serum and Primer

June 12, 2015

Let us play a word-association game...
You say, Makeup Revolution London...
I say..... Quality and Affordability!!!
Well, those are two words that strike me when I think of this particular brand after using 3 MUR products.
Other than their already existing makeup range, Makeup Revolution London has now brought out their very own skincare range. As of now, there are only 2 products, I think.
Attack: Anti Bacterial Face Wash
Defence: Anti Bacterial Serum and Primer (the product being reviewed)
So... is it a serum? Or a primer? Or both? Let us find out...
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Product Description

Makeup Revolution London Anti Bacterial Serum and Primer soothes, protects and primes the skin ready for makeup. The gentle formula for all skin types is enriched with Vitamins A, B, B5, and E to help prevent spots and blemishes, protecting the skin throughout the day and at night, allowing it to naturally heal.


Ingredients List

The ingredient list is in very tiny print and is hardly legible, even in person. Considering that, I am quite happy with the above picture. You can not see all the ingredients though. There are chemical ingredients but also a lot of good stuff too.


Handy pump dispenser

A transparent bottle with a silver cap. Has a pump dispenser. Looks like glass but may be plastic too. Lightweight but sturdy. Simple. Compact. Practical. Reusable. Travel friendly. Full marks for packaging!


1450 INR

MUR skincare is not as reasonably priced when compared to their makeup. But you can buy it on discount online from Jabong.



Shelf Life

2 years from date of manufacture. Once opened, it is 12 months.

How To Use

Usage Directions


My Experience

I am not usually fond of multitasking products unless I am travelling. But this product caught my attention and so I got it. As already mentioned, the packaging scores on all points. The bottle is transparent; so you can actually see the quantity left. The pump ensures hygiene and squirts enough to cover face and neck. Plus point - you can screw open the bottle neck once the product gets over, refill your favourite cream and reuse the bottle! The pump mechanism is similar to the Olay Total Effects products (review here). Each pump brings up the cream-containing inside compartment of the bottle. I find this mechanism durable and best for pump packaging.

The product has a very mild fragrance, almost fragrance-free actually. I read somewhere that it is dermatologically and clinically tested but I did not find it written on the bottle.

It claims to suit all skin types and I think it will, if you adjust the quantity as per your need. I have dry to combination skin. It felt hydrating yet light in summer and I could easily skip my regular moisturiser. I will need to check in the upcoming winter though.

Swatch, Spread, Blended

In the above picture, the swatch quantity is of 1 pump. It looks very thick but is actually a light-cream consistency. No silicone-y, slippery feel. Super-blendable and gets easily absorbed.

It makes your skin a bit luminous post application; but once it is absorbed, there is no shine; just a healthy glow of nourished skin.

It does not increase the wear time of my makeup significantly; however makeup appears fresh as long as it stays. I mean, my makeup stayed on me for the same amount of time as it normally would; but all that while, it stayed like freshly applied.

It does not do much for the few pores that I have either.

What it does is beautifully hydrate the skin and make it look fresh and ready for makeup.

So the big question - Is it a serum, a primer, or both?

I would say that this is more of a skincare product. To get the typical primer effects, this will not suffice. You may need to use it long term to judge its other claim of preventing spots and blemishes. I mainly use it as a pre-makeup moisturising serum - when I want to skip a primer but still feel primed.


  • Great Quality - you can see that in the texture, how it feels on skin and makes it look
  • Enriched with vitamins, so good for your skin
  • Sturdy, hygienic and useful packaging
  • Super blendable and light consistency
  • Gives a healthy glow of nourished skin


  • Not as reasonably priced when compared to their makeup
  • Not a typical makeup primer, but more of a skincare product.

Overall Impression

Do not get confused with the 'serum and primer' tag. It is mainly a skincare product and not a typical makeup primer. Maybe that is why the company too has put it under the skincare range only. If you are expecting it to perform like your normal makeup primer, you would be disappointed. But as a skincare primer, it is excellent if it suits your pocket. It is a great quality product, no doubt.

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 3.5 /5

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