BRAUN Face Mini Epilator + Cleansing Brush: In-depth Review

July 01, 2015

 You know, I really dislike going to these three places - the doctor's, the tailor's and the salon. Doctors cannot be avoided since almost everyone falls sick every now and then. Pret-a-porter or ready-to-wear clothes help me stay away from tailors. It was only the salon that I could not avoid. I was even contemplating threading on my own and got the thread and all. Well, it  has been half a year.... okay, maybe 1 year...since I got it, but the important thing is that I did plan to try it before the Apolycalypse.
So when Braun launched the Braun Face, I was like the most happiest girl in the world. Because if it worked properly, it would mean the end of salon visits atleast for regular threading. So was it the answer to my prayers??? Let me tell you more...
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Product Description

Precise epilation and pore deep cleansing. Reveal your flawless glow. Braun Face lets you enjoy two treatments with one device - simply switch attachments. Precisely remove facial hair by the root with the facial epilator or cleanse skin pore deep with the facial brush.
Left: Box Front / Right:Box Back


Comes in a black outer box. Inside, you will find:
  • Epilator body
  • 2 attachments (Epilator head, Face cleansing brush)
  • Cleaning brush for the epilator
  • Battery (provided by company. I just forgot to place the battery back in the box while taking pictures)
  • Protective cap


4900 INR. Available on

How To Use

Right-side picture: The picture is a bit blurry but this is the battery slot. Rotate the back lid with the help of a coin, in the direction as instructed. Place your battery inside. 
Left-side picture: This is the switch which can  be moved both, left and right. Based on the switch position, the direction of epilation also changes.

My Experience

Braun has come up with a really sleek and compact face epilator with this product. You can use it while travelling or carry it in your bag. Very  handy and portable. No wires, it is battery-operated. Though I do wish it had both options.
Facial Epilator
Let me start with the main attachment, the facial epilator. The epilator head reaches every nook and corner of your face. There are many micro-openings on the epilator that move really really fast to pluck the hair off your face. I was very doubtful if it would pluck, or just cut the hair like shaving. But it plucked and pulled the hair right off the roots. Really great!
About the pain factor, I personally do not find it to be a problem at all. That depends on your individual pain threshold. It will be similar to the amount of pain you feel while threading at the salon but just many times faster. If you shriek at the salon, you will shriek with this one too. Otherwise, things would be just fine.
Most important thing while at the salon or with the Braun Face - always stretch your skin while threading. I guess the screamers are usually the ones who come and sit as if they are lounging on a sunbed. Yes, that was an exaggeration but stretching the skin is what brings down the pain considerably.
It does take me more time to epilate with the Braun Face; but that is just because I need to get even the tiniest bit off my face. The time taken to epilate will also depend upon the type and amount of hair-growth on your face. I have medium hair-growth that is not coarse.
I have used the Braun Face on my forehead, upper lip, chin, around eyebrows and even sides of the face. It worked just fine. Braun has mentioned to use it for just maintaining eyebrows. But I have used it very near to the brows as well with extreme caution by covering the brow totally with the other hand. I would not recommend you to try that unless you want to end up as Mona Lisa! As for me, I have used tweezers to shape my brows too. So I like to think I have a little experience.
Braun recommends you use the epilator first between the brows to get the hang of using it. But I recommend you use it in the middle of your forehead or cheeks, basically away from the eyebrows.
Since I have been using only this since I got it, I have had a few experiences with it. The first time, in over-excitement, I forgot to stretch while threading my chin area and.... it got stuck on my skin. Do not worry, the epilator stopped oscillating immediately. I expected a lot of scary consequences but there were none. There was not a single cut or bruise on the skin. Just a little pain on the skin due to getting stuck. Full marks to Braun for thoughtful product designing!
Another time, I dropped it. Both times, it continued to work just the same.
One time, I got a few tiny bumps after using it but which went away soon. At other times, there was nothing. If you are the type who gets bumps, boils or any other kind of irritation, then do rub ice after using the Braun Face or even post threading for that matter.
Basic rules - stretch, applying ice - are the same whether threading or epilating.
I did not find any increase in subsequent hair-growth. I needed threading once in 2 weeks. With the Braun Face too, I need to epilate once in 2 weeks. So it is the same.
Facial Cleansing Brush
It is quite a dense brush. Meant for deep cleansing and exfoliation. It can be used with water, soap, cleansing milk, liquid soap, or facial scrub as per Braun. I normally prefer mild scrubbing and so this brush feels a bit rough on my face. I have used it only twice so far with my regular face wash. I need to use it more often and find out a way that works best for me. Since I am thoroughly satisfied with the epilator so far and it was the main reason for me to get this set, I have no issues. But if you want both attachments to work perfectly, please read up more reviews on the internet and decide.
Braun recommends that you change the brush head every 3 months. But you can change it based on your usage frequency. Also, the brush head can be detached from the attachment for thorough cleaning.

Epilator cleaning brush (small)
This small brush does its job well. It cleans the epilator nicely after each use.
Protective Cap
The cap fits the epilator snugly and keeps it from catching dust. Makes it super easy to carry around too.
You need 1 AA battery which is included in the box. I wanted to know if it would work with rechargeable batteries. But Mr. B claims that I have lost the battery charger and instructed me to find that first. Since that is not happening anytime soon; as of now, I am repurchasing the non-rechargeable type.
(I had already placed the battery inside the epilator while taking these pictures. That is why you are not able to spot it anywhere in this post. Rest assured, 1 AA battery is included in the box.)



  • Sleek and compact design
  • 2 in 1 product
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, as claimed by Braun
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Slim epilator head precisely removes facial hair
  • Cleansing brush for deep face cleansing
  • Waterproof; can be used in the shower
  • Sturdy and good quality


  • Facial cleansing brush is not very soft
  • No docking facility
  • Battery operated, does not work with electricity
  • Battery not rechargeable
  • Expensive

    Overall Impression

    You can judge by my lengthy review that I love the epilator and use it regularly. Since I dislike going to the salon, the Braun Face fits my needs perfectly. I do not need to go to a salon atleast for threading now. If you are lazy to go to a salon but not lazy enough to do your own threading/epilating, then get this.

    Cafe-o-Meter Rating:  4.75/5


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