Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Polish in 'Glam 6' - Review, Swatch, LOTD

July 08, 2015


I have been a matte lipstick person for ever since I can remember. They conveniently hide lip pigmentation and last longer which makes them a reliable pick, and me a loyal fan. So when these lip polishes started doing the rounds in the blog community, I waited for some time for the final verdict, more so because these were glossy. But eventually reading all the rave reviews, I got it.
Let us find out if I ended up liking this lip polish or not...
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Product Description

For glossy, plump lips, choose Maybelline’s Lip Polish by Color Sensational. Featuring glossy, vivid colors that also have a moisturizing effect, this lip polish makes your lips look fuller and more luscious. Dress your lips in a shade you love and watch heads turn!
Here’s why you’ll love it:
• Has pure, saturated color pigments that provide deep intense color
• Acts as a moisturizing liquid conditioning balm
• Gives a soft cushiony feel to the lips
• Features a built-in glossy top-coat that makes lips look fuller
• Comes with a specially designed leaf-shaped applicator for quick, precise application


The lip polish is packed inside a square tube with a silver cap. The second half that holds the polish actually looks like an inverted lipstick bullet and made me wonder which side to open. It has a leaf-shaped applicator that helps in defining the outer lip line as well as to fill up the lips nicely.


450 INR. Available on


5 ML



GLAM 6 is a dark plum/berry color that will flatter ALL skin tones. Available in other pretty shades too.

My Experience

"Intense color of a lipstick, shine of a gloss and comfort of a balm in a tube."
That is how Maybelline describes their product. And it is one of those few times that a company description is so bang on. The lip polish is exactly that. A glossy, pigmented conditioning balm for the lips.
I usually stay away from lip-gloss and glossy lipsticks, and stick to safe mattes that hide my pigmented lips better. But of course, there are exceptions - like this one, and the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer.
It has a thick, creamy consistency but feels light and non-sticky on lips. The finish is glossy but the glossiness fades as the hours pass by or if you blot it. I have dry lips and need to always have a lip balm on. But with this amazing polish, I can skip a balm underneath. As time passes, it can get a little bit dry. You can then apply your lip-balm over it. So basically, it does not need a lip-balm underneath but may need one over it after some time.

Since it is so thick, despite a glossy finish, it has a good colour pay-off and goes opaque in one layer. I feel like it conditions my lips and makes it look smooth and fuller.

Glam 6 is such a gorgeous dark plum/berry colour. Cute enough for day and glamorous enough for night. It will suit ALL skin colours equally well.
It lasts really long too. Like I said, the glossiness fades but it stays as a stain for long. It looks equally pretty as a stain.


  • Good colour pay-off
  • Conditions the lips
  • Smooth and glossy finish
  • Light and non-sticky on lips
  • Good staying power



  • Glossiness fades - for matte lovers, this may actually be a good thing
  • May feel a bit dry and need a lip-balm over it, as time passes



Overall Impression

Considering I do not care much for glossy finishes, I am really impressed with this lip polish by Maybelline. I still use it less when compared to the matte lipsticks in my collection; but that is just because of personal preference and mental conditioning. For those who sport glossy lip colours, this is a sure winner. Maybe, Maybelline, you should come up with matte lip polishes?!

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 4.5/5


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