Za True White Emulsion - Review

July 07, 2015


When Za launched in India and all were raving about it all over the blogosphere, I did a quick research and trotted to my friendly neighbourhood mall. I was very clear - pick up the True White Essence since it claimed to be a lotion+essence+emulsion. Once at the store, the sales girl informed me that there was no product such as an essence in their range and I... I came home with this Za True White Emulsion instead.
So what did the Emulsion do? Let us find out...
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Product Description





A very sturdy (but not heavy) white bottle with a screw-open cap. You need to tap the mouth of the bottle on your palm to get the product out, so no fear of spillage. However, the bottle is big; so you will need to transfer the emulsion to another container while travelling. I also wish it had a pump dispenser to make things easy.


899 INR. Available here.



Shelf Life

3 years from manufacture date

How To Use


My Experience

Za is the latest offering in the Asian market by the Japanese brand, Shiseido. Come to think of it, this emulsion does feel reminiscent of the White Lucent range from Shiseido. The bottle is very sturdy to an extent that you can use it for self defence to knock off someone. 

The emulsion is white in colour. The texture and consistency is similar to a cleansing milk. There is a sweet floral fragrance which somehow reminds me of homeopathy medicines and which I like. You need to tap and get the product out; though a pump dispenser would have been more ideal. 

So what is an Emulsion? An emulsion is a light, water-based mositurizer. True to its name, the Za True White Emulsion does feel very light to touch and spreads easily. It is lightweight but it did a good job of hydrating my dry-combination skin in the summer. In winter, I am assuming that it will not be hydrating enough and will need an extra moisturizer over it. There is an instant nourished glow but I did not find any brightening or even-ing of skin tone during the period that I used this.

I would not call it expensive as you get a decent quantity plus a little emulsion is enough for each use. So this bottle will last for some time. The brightening claims though, will have to be verified with continued regular usage.



  • Lightweight consistency
  • Easy to spread
  • Moisturizes well
  • Brightens the face temporarily
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Dermatologist tested


  • Chemicals
  • No brightening effects
  • A pump dispenser would have been more ideal

Overall Impression

The Za True White Emulsion is definitely a good-quality moisturizer. The brightening claims will have to be verified with continued regular usage. If you do not mind the price, do give it a try.

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 3/5


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