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September 02, 2015


I am a matte-lip person and usually get attracted to them, like bees to honey. This lipstick belongs to the Office Stylist range of Lakme's 9 to 5 lipsticks. That means, all the colors are office-appropriate, subtle and wearable. If you do not like bold, deep, dark colors, then this range is perfect for you. Let us find out more about this particular lipstick for now...  
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Product Description

Lakmé Nine to Five brings you a range of shades that sit on your lips all day long. Enriched with Vitamin E; it conditions your lips and softens them with wheat germ oil. So, perk those soft, smooth lips with a touch of matte.



Normal lipstick bullet in an attractive metallic case. The cap shuts tight. Travel friendly. Shade name is mentioned on the bottom of the lipstick.


A peachy-pinky-browny light wine color on dusky skin. In short, a nude wine (sounds funny, no?) for duskies. Will look darker on lighter skin tones.


INR 450. Available here and here



Shelf Life

24 months from date of packing

My Experience

The lipstick applies soft and smooth. The finish is matte. Has a nice, mild, sweet fragrance that would not bother anyone. Does not settle into fine lines or feel drying initially. Exfoliating lips and applying a lip balm before applying matte lipsticks is recommended, as always. And yes, do use a lipliner. Very important! For most lipsticks, a lipliner prepares the lips for lipstick application. It is like the foundation+primer for lips. It prevents smudging, gives a neat shape to your lips, and increases the wear-time of your lipsticks. Really!

I am finding it difficult to describe the color. It is definitely not a deep wine color as I expected. On my dusky skin, it comes as a peachy-pinky-browny light wine color. It is a confused color....or maybe I am confused! Definitely not deep or dark on dusky skin but a very wearable nude color from the 'wine' family; subtle yet pleasant. It will surely look darker on lighter skin tones.
As far as staying power is concerned, it stayed on me for 3-4 hours in full glory. After that, it started to fade evenly and felt a bit drying too. It survives light meals but not heavy food intake. So decent staying power; not bad, not great, but good.
It has excellent color pay-off and gives opaque coverage in the first swipe itself. Feels lightweight on lips. However, it can feel a bit heavy with more layers.

As already mentioned, this color has peach, pink, light wine and also a bit of brown in it. However, it looks quite different in the pictures as you can see (all taken in natural light). Even online, you will find the swatches looking different in different reviews. A lipstick with a multiple personality disorder.
I was finding the only-lips LOTDs posted in my other reviews, a bit weird; so decided to put this up instead. The color is more lighter on me in person than it seems in the picture below.


  • Opaque pigmentation
  • Smooth application
  • Matte finish
  • Lightweight texture
  • Affordable



  • Feels drying as it wears on
  • Staying power just okay
  • Needs prior exfoliation, and a lip balm underneath


Overall Impression

Overall, I do like the lipstick but I do not love it as such. I prefer Lakme's Day Perfect range (no longer to be seen) which was around INR 550, over this. Or even the Crème range that is priced higher but works better too. I will use this at home or for short errands now. If you are dusky and like subtle or nude lips, then you will love this color.

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 3.5/5


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