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September 08, 2015


Looks like the chubby crayon trend is here to stay! I remember when I was in college, my mom and me would go these little 'fancy stores' where they would have a variety of beauty and makeup stuff. Being not that brand-conscious those days, I would find these stick-type lipsticks in some corner of the shop belonging to some unknown, imported brand. My mom herself loves cosmetics and would buy them from me. And they actually used to turn out good and stay long enough. They were not as chubby as the ones now, though.
By the way, Lakme calls this a 'lip pout' in their official press release. But I did not find any such 'pout' written on the packaging anywhere. It just says 'Lip Tint Matte'. Am I missing something?? Anyway, I have both the words in the review title to avoid confusion.
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Product Description

It’s time for the backstage trend to take center stage as Lakme introduces its very own playful take on lip tints. Say hello to Lakmé Absolute Lip Pouts - a chubby lip colour pencil that gives you a luscious tint with a scintillating matte finish. Available in 6 classic matte colours, Lakme Absolute Lip Pouts is your go-to lip tint for that effortlessly vibrant and playful look.



A retractable crayon-style chubby stick with a silver cap. The crayon-casing is in the same color and of the same matte finish as the lip tint inside. The shade name, weight and dates are mentioned on a sticker at the bottom of the crayon. Travel friendly.

'Raving Red' is a 'make-me-look-bright', warm, matte red that will flatter all skin tones.
(P.S. - If the below picture is not clear, it is because of my newly-adopted kitten. She was eyeing that flower in the picture; and I was obviously trying to save it. I included the picture anyway for reader's information. And that flower is actually that vibrant. :))


INR 650. Available here and here


3.5 grams


Shelf Life

18 months from date of manufacture


My Experience

As already mentioned, it is a chubby, crayon-style lip tint. Retractable and so needs no sharpening. It is easy to use and easy to carry around. The color-coded outer case will help you find the color easily in your stash.
It has a matte finish as the name states. It is also drying. Prior exfoliation is a must, else it will cling to your dry lip skin in an unsightly way.
Also use a good lip balm underneath. Plain old Vaseline and the Iraya Lip Balm worked better than the Neutrogena lip balm in my case; waxy lip balms are a no-no. The reason I am stressing the lip balm factor is because it does make a huge difference. With the Neutrogena lip balm, I just hated the lip tint. But with the Iraya and Vaseline lip balms, I actually started liking it.

The pigmentation is very good. A single swipe is opaque enough to cover even pigmented lips. But it can go a bit uneven. Swiping to and fro like we do with our lipsticks is not recommended. Instead, use one-directional strokes to ensure a comfortable application.
'Raving Red' will instantly brighten your face. It is a warm red and suits my dusky skin well. It will surely suit all skin tones.

It goes full opaque in first swipe, stays like that for 2-3 hours, and then starts fading but thankfully evenly, from the lips. It does stay as a tint for some time after that. It will not survive heavy meals. So staying power - not happy!
In the below picture, I have quickly applied a bit of foundation and only the lip tint. No eye makeup because I wanted to show you how it would look, just by itself; definitely not because I was lazy to do my entire face!! It will  surely look glamorous with a good base and proper face makeup. Also, it looks more vibrant in person than in pictures.


  • Easy to use crayon style
  • Opaque in first swipe
  • Fades evenly
  • Nice color, will suit all.


  • Unimpressive staying power
  • Drying
  • Prior exfoliation and a good lip balm - a must

Overall Impression

I am not completely happy with Lakme's lip tint/lip pout. Maybe they can add a bit more hydration, I suppose. But I still like it. I just came to know that Lakme is going to come up with 'creamy' versions of the same. So I am eagerly waiting for that! Pick it up if you like vibrant colors; this range has some nice vibrant ones. Just exfoliate and use a really good lip balm. That should work!

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 3/5


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