Aster Luxury Bathing Bars in ButterScotch and Lime - Review

October 13, 2015

I had completely switched to body washes and shower gels. And I never thought I would use soap again. But then a few years ago, I went back to using them - the handmade/natural kind - all over again, simply for their ease of use. And now, I alternate and use both soap and body wash.
Especially with all the handmade and natural bathing bars that have entered the Indian market, we now have such a huge, tempting variety to choose from. Also, you cannot deny that a soap in your shower routine helps save a lot of time when you are running on a busy schedule. Let us see how these bathing bars fare...

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Product Description

Butter Scotch: Aster Luxury Butter Scotch is an enticing natural organic bathing bar and nourishes all skin types. This soap produces rich, creamy and gentle lather. Its mild aromatic fragrance makes you addicted. This soap reduces fine lines and retains the moisture balance.
Lime: This rich lathering Invigorating Lime soap formulated with extra virgin coconut oil and lime extracts revitalise skin. This refreshing sensational bathing bar exfoliates skin and leaves your skin soft and smooth. This soap has distinctive rich aroma of fresh Lime and uplifts the mood.


Please refer pictures below.

Ingredients of Butter Scotch bathing bar

Ingredients of Lime bathing bar


Double layer plastic wrap, with front and back labels carrying the brand name, ingredients and other details.


INR 150 each



125GMS each

Shelf Life

24 months from the date of packing


My Experience

Butter Scotch - This smells of vanilla and bitter almonds to me; though there are no almonds in the list of ingredients. If you have ever had butterscotch ice cream, this is similar and has a subtle fragrance too. If like me, you love the soothing feeling that vanilla gives, you would love how this soap smells! It produces a decent lather that is very creamy, cleans well, and does not further dry my already-dry skin.
Lime - This smells of tangy, fresh lime, just as the name suggests. This lathers and cleans well too. Usually lime/lemon soaps can be a bit drying, but not this one. Makes you feel fresh and uplifts the mood.


  • Smell good and natural
  • Free from animal fat
  • Not tested on animals
  • GMP certified
  • 100% natural active ingredients
  • No parabens or phthalates



  • Price can be a bit lower, I feel. Since there are so many handmade soap brands out there now, the company can sell much more with a lower price-point.

Overall Impression

Both bathing bars have a natural fragrance which I like. Do not smell like artificial scents, so that is great. However, the fragrance does not linger on skin, post-shower. But that is okay, I think. I personally like the fact that they are not huge bars. You can finish them before you get bored. Large sizes are such a pain to cut, store and reuse. So these Aster soap sizes are perfect. Both the soaps are not drying. And most importantly, they are vegetarian, free from animal fat, and not tested on animals. Plus, they have a lot of variants to try from. Do check them out!

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 4.5/5

* Products sent by company. Review based on personal experience.

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