Fab Bag January 2016

January 13, 2016

My January Fab Bag is here! I had taken a 6-month subscription which will end in February. I missed out on posting the October, November, and December bags mainly because the whole thing of selecting one product of your choice was getting very annoying for me. Mostly because there were no good options to choose from and were all repeat products.

That said, the products inside the Fab Bag are definitely worth the money. Every month. So also in January. Plus they always have that one product that makes up for all the other flaws. Like in December, they had the Sugar matte lip crayon! This month, it has to be the Votre face serum for me.
Fab Bag January 2016

The January Fab Bag is an abstract-print one which I liked but wish it was a little more roomy. These bags are so useful while travelling or even to just sort stuff!

I got 5 products this time. Let us see what they were:

Fab Bag January 2016 Contents

1. Votre Face Serum
This is a full-size product of 12ml. I think everyone will be getting this!

Votre Face Serum Fab Bag January 2016

2. Natural Bath and Body Vitamin E Whipped Cream

This is a small 15-gm sample size.

Natural Bath and Body Whipped Cream Fab Bag January 2016

3. Natural Bath and Body Clay Face Masque

Again, this is a 20-gm sample size.

Natural Bath and Body Clay Face Mask Fab Bag January 2016

4. Divo Eyelash Curler

I already have an eyelash curler which I hardly ever use, or rather forget to use. So whenever or if that one ever gets worn out, I can use this one. This is a full-size product obviously.

Divo Eyelash Curler Fab Bag January 2016

5. Bella Pierre Mineral Lipstick in 'Ruby'
This was the product I selected, not because I wanted this but because the other options were even less appealing. Again a full-size product.

Bella Pierre Mineral Lipstick Fab Bag January 2016

Overall Impression
 Overall, there are 3 full-size products in January in which just the Votre face serum or the Bella Pierre mineral lipstick alone is more than the monthly price of one Fab Bag. So it is definitely value for money! My subscription expires next month; so the February bag will be my last. Last year, the February bag was really good; so I hope that this year too, it turns out good. I do not plan to renew my subscription but will definitely purchase if a particular month's bag appeals to me in the future.


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