Loreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Bold Bordeaux - Review, Swatch, Lotd

June 23, 2016

Loreal Infallible Lipstick Review, Swatch, Price, Buy Online India
I am so glad that summer is almost over here in Bangalore and we are getting some rain on most of the days now. It is much cooler now and mostly cloudy and gloomy. As I write this review, it is getting darker although it is just noon. In my school and college days, these cloudy afternoons were exactly the time when I would be in bed with a nice book and a yummy pack of chips - food for thought and food for tummy!! By the way, how is the weather at your place? Do tell me!
Coming to Loreal, this is a brand that has quality products. Likewise, they are priced high too! Fortunately, they do have discounts going on. Some brands like Chambor usually does not run any offers!  I personally feel that the Infallible range from Loreal is far better than their 'Moist Matte', having tried both! The Moist Mattes are thicker and wear much lesser than these Infallible lipsticks. For more information, let us get into the review now...


Product Description

High-impact color. Ultimate moisture. Stays comfortable all day. Take your lips to the next level with Infallible® Le Rouge. This revolutionary and innovative formula delivers bold, luscious color that lasts all day long, making it the ultimate beauty indulgence. Infallible® Le Rouge lip colour offers up to 10 hours of vivid, hi-definition colour and shine, while hydrating Vitamin E keeps your lips moist and comfortable. Discover the truest color payoff in a creamy, conditioning base.


I love the design of the Infallible lipstick. It is pretty yet functional. The cap is color-coded making it easier to identify when in a hurry. The shade name and number are mentioned on a sticker at the bottom. The groove (where the brand name has been engraved) ensures that the cap is secure and sitting tight. Absolutely travel friendly.

Loreal Infallible Lipstick Packaging
Loreal Infallible Lipstick Packaging


On my dusky complexion, Bold Bordeaux looks like a burgundy-brown color. The color looks different on me in different lighting; so sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't! The formula feels and looks so light that it can be quite a wearable color for all skin-tones.

Loreal Infallible Lipstick Shade
Loreal Infallible Lipstick Shade

Loreal Infallible Lipstick Shade Bold Bordeaux
Loreal Infallible Lipstick Shade Bold Bordeaux


Price of Loreal Infallible Lipstick

INR 1050, available here. You can also check other shades here. Loreal products are usually priced higher but you can always pick them up during discounts and offers. They do offer good quality.


2.5 g / 0.09 oz.

Shelf Life

I could find only the 'Best Before' date. I guess it must have a normal shelf life of 2-3 years like any other lipstick.

My Experience with Loreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick

As already mentioned above, the Infallible lipstick has a pretty and functional packaging. There is a nice vanilla scent to it which I love.
What I don't like is the fact that the quantity offered is much lesser than other lipsticks, making it a pricey product. Even other ranges from Loreal like the Moist Matte and Color RIche collection have more quantity than this one.

Loreal Infallible Lipstick Bold Bordeaux Review
Loreal Infallible Lipstick Bold Bordeaux Review

To justify the price and quantity, Loreal has come up with a wonderful product. The lipstick starts off as a creamy texture with some sheen and later sets into a comfortable matte finish. Yes, this does set after a few minutes; so wait for that!
Once set, it does not bleed or smudge. You won't need a lip-liner as such. It does feel a bit sticky when you smack your lips but I guess that is what makes it stay long. The stickiness is not tacky and hence not bothersome at all!

Loreal Infallible Lipstick Bold Bordeaux Shade
Loreal Infallible Lipstick Bold Bordeaux Shade

It does transfer mildly but again it is not worth worrying. Please remember to exfoliate and apply a lip balm prior to applying any matte lipstick. Another trick I have been doing for years now is - after applying the lipstick, I lightly run (not press) a finger along the lips like a sweeping movement; this smoothens out the color and prevents it from sitting in lip-lines in the initial wear-time.
Having said that, I must convey that this lipstick does not accentuate your lip-lines as much as many other matte lip products. Another beautiful thing is that it wears out evenly. No patchy lips, no unsightly look!
Staying power is very good too! Stays for 5-6 hours and survives light snacks and drinks. Holds up good after meals too compared to other matte lipsticks. Please note that I am not comparing it to liquid lip-colors that won't budge and sit like paint on lips.
Might feel a bit drying after a while, but still a very comfortable formula considering it is matte.

Loreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick
Loreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick

Below are the swatches. It is opaque in 1 swipe. You can also add layers to intensify the color, so buildable coverage! Feels very light on lips too!

Loreal Infallible Lipstick Bold Bordeaux Swatches
Loreal Infallible Lipstick Bold Bordeaux Swatches

Here is how it looks on me - a burgundy-brown color. It actually looks more deeper than seen in the picture, but still very wearable especially because of the non-thick formula which is almost gel-like once it sets. It does not look like a thick layer and that makes it more appealing to me!

Loreal Infallible Lipstick Bold Bordeaux LOTD/Lip Swatch
Loreal Infallible Lipstick Bold Bordeaux LOTD/Lip Swatch


  • Opaque pigmentation
  • Buildable coverage
  • Very good staying power
  • Comfortable matte formula
  • No bleeding or smudging
  • Wears out evenly
  • Quality product



  • Expensive. I would like either more quantity or lesser price.
  • Tests on animals. According to the PETA website, Loreal tests its ingredients but not the finished products, on animals. PETA does not have any confirmed proof from Loreal on this matter!

Overall Impression

The Infallible range from Loreal is a must-try for its quality, formula, and staying power. I am impressed with its performance and have already got another shade, 'Everlasting Plum'. If you have tried the 'Moist Matte' range, then let me tell you that this range is so much better than that! Price is high; so do wait for discounts and pick up atleast one. Highly recommended!

Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 4.5/5


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