Iraya Saffron Elixir Review

July 28, 2016

Iraya Saffron Elixir Review, Swatch, Price, Buy Online India
If I had a lot of money, I would most probably buy the Iraya company. This brand has given me such products that I would love to repurchase and include in my permanent skin-care regime. Unfortunately being a blogger, that is not always possible as you need to keep trying new ones all the time! Safe to say that most of the products that I have tried from Iraya, have worked well for me.
Iraya has Kumkumadi in 3 forms - the Kumkumadi Facial Oil (oil form), the Kumkumadi Balm (balm/cream form), and the Saffron Elixir (gel form) being reviewed in this post. You can read the separate reviews of the balm and oil version by clicking on their names above. In this review, I will tell you what is so great about this gel...

Product Description

Please refer picture below

Iraya Saffron Elixir Claims
Iraya Saffron Elixir Claims

How to Use, Ingredients

As instructed, moist skin will absorb the gel better.

Iraya Saffron Elixir How to Use, Ingredients
Iraya Saffron Elixir How to Use, Ingredients



Standard Iraya tub packaging with screw-on lid and an inner protective foil. Though the tub is very cute, you may want to transfer into another container while travelling as it is made of glass.

Iraya Saffron Elixir Packaging
Iraya Saffron Elixir Packaging


INR 695. Available here


Iraya Saffron Elixir Price
Iraya Saffron Elixir Price



50 g / 1.76 oz.

Shelf Life

2 years from date of manufacture


My Experience

The Iraya Saffron Elixir has a mild saffron + honey kind of scent which is not bothersome. It is a golden-colored gel that feels a little bit sticky on touch initially but later goes away completely. You can see strands of saffron in the gel. The gel is thin and easy to spread and get absorbed.

Iraya Saffron Elixir Review
Iraya Saffron Elixir Review

I have dry skin; and I usually do not use gels as they do not moisturize me adequately. I used this in summer when my skin is comparatively normal. I did not use any other face product other than the Iraya Jirakadi Lepa (once a week) because I like to use only one new face product at a time; this helps me observe and review better, plus no reactions with other products!
If you have dry skin, then you should definitely use a moisturizer after this. But I didn't, and I was quite okay!

Iraya Saffron Elixir Quantity
Iraya Saffron Elixir

After having used this morning and night for 11/2 months, this is what I observed:

My skin became clearer and healthy-looking. Skin texture was noticeably better. And the most important observation - I had a small discoloration on one side of my nose due to the nose-pad of my old pair of glasses rubbing on the skin. When I got a new pair, the discoloration was very much intact. After about a month of using this gel, I noticed that the discoloration had lightened to my normal skin color by almost 90%. And I did not even expect this to happen. I was happy as it is with whatever brightening and improvement it had brought to my skin; this was like a bonus! It could be the Jirakadi Lepa too which is fantastic in its own way. But I used the Lepa once a week while I used the Saffron Elixir twice every single day during that time. So you do the math!

Iraya Saffron Elixir Consistency
Iraya Saffron Elixir Consistency

I absolutely love this product! Though it is in gel form (which I hardly use), I am tempted to go for this every summer, from now on. Or maybe with a moisturizer over it, in any season. I am not sure if this gel would leave a golden tinge on lighter skin-tones but I could not detect any on my skin. Anyway even if it does, I still insist you atleast try this before bedtime.
There is still some product left in the tub after 11/2 months of regular usage. So I can safely say that it will last you atleast 2 months with twice a day usage.

Iraya Saffron Elixir Swatch
Iraya Saffron Elixir Swatch


  • Light gel consistency that gets absorbed easily
  • Visible improvement in skin texture
  • Visible skin brightening and lightening of discoloration
  • Affordable



  • Does not have any. Maybe a little more moisturizing?

    Overall Impression

    If you have been looking for a skin-brightening/skin-lightening product that actually works and yet comes with an affordable price-tag, then this is that product for you. I whole-heartedly recommend this to all of you. If you have dry skin, you could also try the Iraya Kumkumadi Balm as that is more moisturizing, or the Iraya Kumkumadi Facial Oil if you have normal-dry skin. The balm and gel form worked the best for me when compared to the facial oil. But all three are fabulous products in their own right!

    Cafe-o-Meter Rating: 5/5

    **The product was sent by the company. The review is based on my personal experience with the product**


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    1. I wanted to try iraya products for a long time, this one seem good one to try for summer as I have dry skin in winters