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August 16, 2017

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The last few weeks haven't been nice for me, personally. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that we had got home a beautiful kitten. Well, my little girl left me 2 weeks ago. All we know is that she developed a fever after her vaccination and in 2 days, her back legs were paralyzed. There were no fractures in her X-ray report; so I assume it must be faulty pricking of the vaccination needle. She was full of high spirits even as she dragged herself everywhere; I used to also carry her around the house so that she could see the sunlight, birds, my cooking :) She lived for only a week after this incident inspite of care and treatment. I could not save her. While I am sad because I will forever miss her, I have consoled myself as she is now free from her suffering body, and that we did the best we could. If the theory of rebirth is true, then I am pretty sure she will come back to me! We often recall the good times spent with her; she was really, really naughty and loving!

Coming back to the review - I first noticed Vilvah when they became my new follower on Instagram. This is a natural skincare and cosmetics brand that uses the freshest natural, organic ingredients for all their products.I checked out their products and ordered a few through their Facebook page. Keep reading to know my experience with the Vilvah Moringa+Argan Beautifying Serum...

Product Description

A night serum with magical properties of moringa oil and argan oil. Moringa oil contains many antioxidants and documented skin-rejuvenating properties, which do wonders for ageing and nutrient-depleted skin. With an impressive oleic acid content of 72%, moringa oil penetrates deeply into the skin delivering vital nutrients and also helping the skin and hair retain moisture.

How to Use, and Ingredients

Please refer picture below

Vilvah Beautifying Serum How to Use Ingredients
Vilvah Beautifying Serum - How to Use, and Ingredients


The serum comes in a dark, tinted glass bottle with a dropper. I have not traveled with this yet but it does not leak even if I turn it upside down - so I assume it's travel-friendly; but do take care while packing as it is made of glass.

Vilvah Beautifying Serum Packaging
Vilvah Beautifying Serum - Packaging


INR 650. (I think it was around INR 550 when I purchased it)


30 ML

Vilvah Beautifying Serum Quantity
Vilvah Beautifying Serum - Quantity

Shelf Life

8 months from the date of purchase

My Experience

I have been using this serum from June 3 to almost July 17. (From July 17, I have  been testing Coccoon products, the reviews of which will follow shortly.) So this review is based upon approximately 21/2 months of regular night-time usage. Just for information, I have dry-combination skin which is mostly not sensitive.

This serum/facial oil has a divine scent of lavender+rose which was mild initially but which has grown stronger over a period of time. If you have ever done DIYs including essential oils, you would know that EOs intensify over time as they settle down in the mixture; atleast that's what I have observed in my DIY experiments :) The scent is also similar to the Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum, and I absolutely love the smell!

Vilvah Beautifying Moringa Argan Serum
Vilvah Beautifying Moringa Argan Serum

The serum has a light-oil consistency which is easy to spread and easy to get absorbed as well. Serums usually get better absorbed on moist skin; so you could spritz a face mist prior to applying the serum, or leave the face slightly damp after face wash and before using this serum. Once absorbed, face looks and feels nourished but not oily, which is good. You could layer it with another face cream if your skin is extra dry; I did not.

I feel this serum should suit all skin-types due to its lightweight consistency. However a patch test is always a good idea especially if you have sensitive skin.

Vilvah Beautifying Serum Consistency, Color
Vilvah Beautifying Serum - Consistency, Color

I used to use 2-3 drops for my face and 1-2 drops for my neck every night. I do not have sensitive skin and so no breakouts either. After 21/2 months of night-time usage, I have finished only 1/3rd of the bottle; so the provided quantity is good and the price is reasonable. But as a customer/user, I do wish the price was lower :)

Coming to the effects, it did beautify my skin as claimed. My skin looked better. It also felt smoother, softer, and cleaner. While I did not notice any targeted action/results, it definitely worked on the overall texture of my skin which was noticeable after 2 weeks. Plus, I also enjoyed using this due to its lovely scent! So it is definitely worth trying, if you ask me!

Vilvah Beautifying Serum Swatches
Vilvah Beautifying Serum - Before and After Blending


  • Handmade, with natural ingredients
  • Lovely scent
  • Light consistency - gets absorbed easily
  • Beautifies the skin as claimed
  • Considering the amount needed for each use, the price is okay since one bottle will last really long


  • The print details on the serum bottle starts fading after a while; so maybe the brand could look into that, as there is no external box packaging

Overall Impression

Vilvah Beautifying Serum is a reasonably-priced, light night-time facial oil/serum made with good-for-you natural ingredients. It gives good results with regular usage and smells wonderful. Based on my experience, I recommend it!

Do let me know your favorite face serum, would love to explore :)

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  1. So sorry for the kitten, she will come back to you after rebirth..nice review. I was eyeing this product but since the price point is high I may skip

  2. Moringa and Argan sounds a delightful combination. The effects also seem good and its worth a try...

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